A Drunken Guard Created a Scene at Ranthambore National Park

ranthambore tiger reserve

News Update: A recent incident in Ranthambore National Park (RNP) has triggered concern among both tourists and activists. In a video, a home guard, tasked with monitoring tigers, was seen aiming a firearm at a tiger during an evening safari in Zone 5, Kachidah Chowki of the reserve. 

Recently a home guard deployed to monitor tigers in Ranthambore National Park (RNP) was seen pointing a 7.62mm automatic rifle towards a tigress in the distance. This incident took place in Zone 5, Kachidah Chowki of the reserve, during the evening safari on 13 April 2024, Saturday.

The video was recorded by tourists in which the guard is seen walking with a 7.62mm automatic rifle towards a spot where a tigress is seen. His action triggered panic among the tourists who were there to enjoy the jeep safari. In that video, his fellow guards can also be seen trying to bring him back to the safari vehicle.

The forest department of Ranthambore National Park has chosen to keep the identity of the guard undisclosed, leaving many questions unanswered. Despite failed attempts to reach out to key officials such as chief wildlife warden Arindam Tomar and field director Anup KR for clarification, the forest department remained silent, leaving room for speculation and frustration among concerned parties.  

Sources close to this matter claimed that the guard was drunk. Locals said that a Mata temple in Kachidah is known for offering alcohol to pilgrims. They said he must have been drunk because of that. This incident could have escalated into tragedy as Tigress T-111 was moving into the area with her cubs. Also, there were tourists in many Ranthambore Safari in the vicinity. If the drunken guard had opened fire, it could have hit anyone. Such recklessness not only endangers human lives but also threatens the safety of the park’s wildlife.

Tapeshwar Singh Bhati, a green activist said
Guards armed with sophisticated weapons cannot behave irresponsibly. He further added that there were many tourists in safari vehicles in the vicinity. If the guard, allegedly drunk, had opened fire, it could have hit anyone. The tigress too could have attacked tourists because of his action,

People coming to Ranthambore National Park don’t need to be worried as calls for action have been directed towards the forest department, urging them to implement measures to curb the movement of locals and villagers in sensitive areas of the park. To book a safari in Ranthambore National Park, you can visit Ranthambore Safari Booking