Rajasthan is not only famous for its vast stretches of sands and the fascinating history behind Royal Forts of the Maharajas, but it is also famous for the wildlife sanctuary of India. Ranthambore National Park provides shelter to many animals in the chilly weather of winter and the sun’s scorching rays in the summer.

After the economy thronged by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become expensive for the tourist to enthrall India’s national parks. If you are a wildlife lover and eager to see the sights of the majestic tigers, this urge could be heavy on your pocket.

As per orders from India’s central government, the forest department has raised all the prices in the national park, starting from the entry tickets to the safaris and other recreational activities within the Ranthambore national park. They have increased the rating by 10%, as stated by the forest department’s latest news. Before that, opt for Ranthambore Safari Booking to get the best opportunities to view the park’s lions.

Ranthambore Safari Booking

Due to this hike in the rates, the tourists now have to pay more for the jungle safaris in Ranthambore National Park. This will also increase their budget; they used to plan for their trip to the Ranthambore forest. The forest department has made this hike to surcharge in the mane of ecological development by grabbing more money from the foreign and local tourists.

The state government has inclined charges on carrying cameras, boating in the park’s water bodies, tourist vehicle entry fee, electric vehicle entry fee, and other unknown charges. Here is a chart of previous rates applied to the tourists for jungle safaris-

  • Rs. 562/- per person Indian (Canter)
  • Rs. 1,302/- per person Foreigner (Canter)
  • Rs. 799/- per person Indian (Gypsy)
  • Rs. 1,539/- per person Foreigner (Gypsy)

But from now, you have to pay 10% more to the existing charges, as ordered by the forest department of Rajasthan. After the pandemic, this may upset a few of us because of the financial instability due to loss of jobs and income sources. Despite all these, the lust for watching the tigers in their natural habitats will always excite the tiger lovers to come to the Ranthambore National Park.

In the south-eastern part of Rajasthan, there is a vast forest area in the Sawai Madhopur district, from which a claim is taken for the creation of the Ranthambore National park. The initiative was taken to save and protect the lions alongside conserving the wide variety of plants and their species to stabilize the planet. Thus, without delay, pack your bags to explore Tigers’ most wanted land- the Ranthambore National Park.


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