Hear the Footsteps of the Tigers in the fields of Ranthambore Area

Hear the Footsteps of the Tigers in the fields of Ranthambore Area

With the unending stretches of Rajasthan sand, there is a small forest called Ranthambore National Park. There live the most enthralling tigers and their occurrence may give you Goosebumps by listening to the true stories and incidents of the villagers who deal with the tigers every night almost. Ranthambore national park is the home of the Royal Bengal tigers, who reside here with other felines. And the poor villagers had to face their domination as they share the same territory with the tigers.

Tigers are always dominant; they want to take control of the entire territory boldly. They roam on the field where cattle gaze, and almost every day, at least one cattle becomes the prey of the tigers in the Leg Soda village of the Khandar range, in the Ranthambore National Park. This disappoints the villagers whose main occupation and earning depends on the cattle. The forest department and the state government also give some compensation to the families who are facing these unfortunate circumstances.

On a bright sunny morning, two tigresses of Ranthambore National Park were spotted in the mustard field, identified as male tiger T-108 and female tigress T-114. They enjoyed the Khandar range area when many visitors and villagers appeared there to see the tigers. Many of them tried to seize their movements in their cameras, while the other group of people was enjoying the entire vision. The locale also informed forest officials, and they started tracking their movements every second.

The area falls under zone 10 of Ranthambore National Park, and the tigress has primary hunting records. The forest officials discovered that both tigers had killed a Nilgai or blue bull in the field, and after finishing the bull’s carcass, they hunted a dog that was prowling in the field. On receiving this information, the senior officials reached the spot and removed the people from there. Visitors often see these two tigers in the safari zone 10 of the park. Also, safaris are the park’s main attraction, obtaining a Ranthambore Safari Booking to board the safari.

Some of the officials also recalled that they were seen in the Khandar region earlier as well. They often come to this place to feed cattle, dogs, or other animals. Such incidents also erupt one more exciting topic, which is why these tigers come out of their zones for hunger. The food that is given to them by the forest department isn’t sufficient for them? Also, tigers love raw flesh, and the smell makes them come out in the village to fulfill their hunger.

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