Shake Hands With The Superstar Tigers Of Ranthambore

Shake Hands With The Superstar Tigers Of Ranthambore

How can you forget the famous Jungle Book and the character of wise Sher Khan always trying to kill Mowgli and be the King of the Jungle? The book and television series was the most OK try by Rudyard Kipling to make the Indian tigers an absolute superstar. If you are yet to get a glimpse of this royal creature, you need to visit Tigerwood or the Ranthambore National Park.

Aren’t you aware of Tigerwood and its gossips and steamy news? What did you think we can only associate these terms with the media persons and the movie stars? It’s time to rethink and meet the real-life superstars of Ranthambore. Go for a Ranthambore Safari Booking and meet with the wild side of their life.

  • Machii: The Unmatched Superstar

Machii was the most famous tigress of the Ranthambore National Park and has lived her life following the motto–’live life king size.’ The tigress that we lost in 2016 was loved for her survival instincts and camera-friendly attitude. She was a brave female and was known for his nerve-wracking contest with a 14-foot crocodile, which she finally won after long hours of tussle. She even got international acclaim after many documentaries being shot on the Queen of Ranthambore.

  • Sultan: The Next big thing of Ranthambore

The Emperor AKA Sultan is searching for his territory, as signaled by his father, Ustad. We first spotted this little menace in the summers of 2012, when his age was four months. Sultan is the child of the best huntress of Ranthambore, Noor, and finds his father in Ustad, the most ferocious tiger of the jungle. With the best genes like these, Sultan is sure to become the most sought-after national park face.

  • Mala: The Evergreen Fighter of Ranthambore

Mala, AKA noor, the proud mother of Sultan, is one of the most important members of the Tigerwood world. This tigress is the mistress of grace and the master of hunting. The necklace-like stripe on the side rim was her identity. She belongs to the family of Machii and has inherited the quality of being camera-friendly. The visitors can spot Mala in Zone 2 and 6 of the national park. Superb hunting skills, significant ancestry, and dominance over a vast area make this tigress the Queen of Ranthambore.

  • Ustad: The Ultimate Superstar

Ustad is undeniably the most ferocious member of the Tigerwood at Ranthambore, and you should never take him lightly. Safari jeeps have often spotted him sitting in the middle of the pathways and roads. This handsome creature is a champion hunter, and he takes great pride in being the ruler of Zone 6. Sultan’s hunting skills and fearless attitude is well inherited in his child Sultan. Unfortunately, Ustad was accused of killing human beings between 2010 and 2015. As a result, he has been shifted to Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur, on 16th May 2015.

Bottom Line

These tigers have an aura around them. To enjoy a sight of these spicy superstars, you can never miss the Ranthambore Safari Booking.

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