Wildlife Filmmaking in Ranthambore; Tigers Are In The Reels Of Camera

Wildlife Filmmaking in Ranthambore

Do you love movies based on animals? Yes, we all do, just like the Jungle Book and Animal Kingdom have been loved by all and throughout the world. These cinemas have changed the human conception of animals and created some soft corners for the animals like Bagheera in the jungle book (black panther). In India, Ranthambore National Park gives the best vision of the Royal Bengal Tigers and other felines like leopards, Indian Jackal, hyena, lions, elephants, deer, etc.

In this recent time when Covid-19 is taking its highest reach of death fatalities in every state of our country, filmmakers are on their way to make movies with the wild beast residing in the Ranthambore forest for years. Recently, the central government has denied permission to visit the park in this pandemic situation to stop the human-animal transmitting of the coronavirus in the park. But before the pandemic came, some reputable filmmakers took permission to shoot with the tigers living here.

Shooting with humans is much easier than taking the perfect shots of animals. They have to wait for hours for that ideal click, and sometimes filmmakers might not find the animal in the pre-decided location, or they hide in their den. Sometimes the weather falls apart and is not favorable for shooting. Instead of all these difficulties, the entire shooting is full of fun and engaging with these wild beasts in the horrifying jungle.

One more thing you want for a wildlife shooting is the natural surroundings. And the best part is Ranthambore National Park, which offers scenic beauty like vast greenery meadows, landscape valleys, and the unending streams flowing within the park. As the higher authorities have already approved permission to the film directors, the filmmakers are excited to shoot with the tigers, to make a good movie that all wildlife lovers in the world will love. The forest department has set up some essential norms to be maintained while shooting with the wild beats.

  • Wear a mask and always sanitize the hands before entering Ranthambore Park.
  • Maintain social distancing with the animals and also between the casting crews. 
  • Photographers must take pictures of the beasts maintaining a distance; they cannot come close to the tigers.
  • While exploring the park on a jeep safari, only four persons are allowed each gypsy before obtaining tickets for Ranthambore Safari Booking from the outside counter. 
  • Any crew members should go out of track from the predestined location as marked by the forest department.


Covid-19 pandemic is ruining our lives as also the lives of the wild beats. The disease is not sparing the wild beasts either. So, take more precautions to stay healthy and fight the virus in unity.

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