It’s Time to Explore all the Buffer Zones of Ranthambore National Park

It's Time to Explore all the Buffer Zones of Ranthambore National Park

The Park is one of the famous wildlife sanctuaries around the globe. The Ranthambore National Park has histories of our ancient deities and is considered as heritage sites of India.  You will be amazed to know that tigers are territorial animals, and they ferociously protect their territory from being occupied by the other pride. 

The forest department has smartly divided the Ranthambore Safari Booking into ten safari zones to distribute the park’s crowd, where wildlife lovers and documentary makers regularly spot animals.

Zone 1- This buffer zone is the territory of the lions, namely Sultan (T-72), Noor (T-39), and Ustad (T-24). The Singh Dwar in the Ranthambore National Park is the entry and exit gate for this zone; this zone is always a favorite for travelers because they can easily see the tigers.

Zone 2- You can observe many water holes in this zone, and the area is home to famous tigers like Ustad (T-24), Noor (Y-39), Sultan (T-72), Jhumru (T-20), Krishna (T-19), and others.

Zone 3- This zone is the home to star tigers like Sitara (T-28), Krishna (T-19), and their cubs. Padam also comes under this zone, where you can find tigers spotting in this Ranthambore National Parkalong with deers and other species.

Zone 4- The legendary tigress Machli lives in this zone, and before the death of Machli, site 4 was the most preferred zone among the tourists. This zone is well known for a few popular tigers such as T-19, T-25, T-28, T-41, T-64, and T-75 roaming in this Ranthambore National Park. 

Zone 5- The star attraction of this zone is the sighting of tigers like T-17, T-25, T-28, T-74, and T-75. The entry gates are the same for Zone 4 and 5.

Zone 6- Travelers often witness Noor (T-39) with her cubs roaming in this zone. Other tigers that are seen in this zone sometimes are T-8, T-34 and T-57.

Zone 7- In this zone, one can spot a tiger, but other animals are also spotted easily—this is among the famous zones after being added in Ranthambore National Park’s buffer areas.

Zone 8- This zone is famous for its topography and even the tigers which are spotted here are the same T-8 and T-34 moving in this Ranthambore National Park. 

Zone 9- Located on the Chakal Riverbank, it is considered the territory of T-42 and T-59; this small territory is also known for being the home to Sloth bears, Caracals, and few aquatic birds.

Zone 10- Site 10 has recently been added to the safari route with the mesmerizing natural landscape consisting of hilly tracks, deciduous forest, and few scenic water bodies. The zone is known for the sighting of tigers like T-43, T-13, and her cubs.

Opt for Ranthambore Safari Booking for entrance because the Ranthambore jeep safaris are a significant park attraction. You can explore the heart of the jungle and witness the tigers being more independent and more ferocious, strolling in the park all around in a classic style.

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