Events of Violent Attacks of Tigers on Human Beings in Ranthambore National Park

Events of Violent Attacks of Tigers on Human Beings in Ranthambore National Park

Travel lovers and wildlife enthusiasts come from different parts of the world to see the majestic tigers with black vertical stripes and muscular bodies in action. In Ranthambore National Park, they are spread in different territories maintaining aristocracies, preceding their lineages. Undoubtedly, every tourist thronging the park can encounter a small tiger story with them at home.

A Few Words to Describe the Park and its Nature

The Ranthambore National Park, the land of legends, boasts the ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger’s presence. The place is now considered the most-visited site globally, whose principal attractions are many felines residing in this region proudly and independently. But once the land was served as the private hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, it is now one of the famous tiger reserves in northern India.

About Tigers Mauling Man to Death

A shocking incident went viral on social media quite recently, which tells about the tigers’ unkindness and dangerous attacks on humans in Ranthambore National Park. Researchers say that the tiger attacks have increased in the past few years, and there must be some reason behind this terrible attack on humans.

Tiger Attack and Killed a Shepherd

The incident happened in the Kaneti village, which is near the buffer zone of Ranthambore National Park. A 40-year older adult named Pappu Gurjar, due to his ill-fate, came under the grip of a tiger. On a bright sunny morning, he grazed his goat herd in the Baler area; he was unaware of the information that a tiger was hiding behind a bush in the jungle to catch his prey. Suddenly the tiger jumped upon him, killed him on the spot, and dragged him inside the forest. After the event, the villagers panic in the area who witnessed the tigers’ action at that moment. A deep wound in the throat was found during the post mortem of the body.

Measures are taken to Stop such Indigenous Acts of the Tigers

Forest staff and officers accused the young tiger T-72 of the incident. Generally, after such attacks, the forest department starts tracking the tiger and ensures to eradicate the fear of tigers from the hearts of the local people sharing the same space with the tigers. It is difficult, but the Government of Gujarat is setting up some steps to protect the people from the grip of the ferocious and hungry tigers of Ranthambore National Park.

The Epilogue

After reading such horrifying events may give you goosebumps but imagine how people deal with such occurrences they have to face in their daily lives. Want to experience the wilderness of nature? Come and visit the place once in your lifetime. Jeep safari is genuinely unique to explore the jungle’s inner core. Ranthambore Safari Booking is the ticket for the entrance to the park.

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