Two Baby Panther Checked-in, A Luxury Hotel in Ranthambore

Two Baby Panther Checked-in, a Luxury Hotel in Ranthambore

We are all fond of luxurious lifestyles; staying away from hardcore life gives relaxation to our mind and soul. The same thing happens with animals too. Ranthambore National Park has a vast concentration of big cats, and other dwellers live in this place since ancient times. Many tourists and wildlife lovers come to this place to see them wandering in their natural habitat by occupying a vast territory to survive.

For the tourist’s convenience in Ranthambore National Park, Indian Tourism has allowed several hotels and resorts to provide resting hours for the tourists. They come to this place for two to three days, and they love to stay in the deluxe hotels, providing enormous facilities to make their trip memorable. But the most fantastic news is left to reveal, they offer not only space to humans but also the cubs of the big cats.

One bright sunny morning, two little cubs who were seven months old entered a hotel balcony to spend some beautiful moments, to escape from the scorching days of summer. They were found relaxing by sleeping one upon the other on a small terrace of the hotel. The hotel was situated beside the forest, occupying a vast area and surrounded by a wide variety of fauna. The hotel of Ranthambore National Park creates a pleasant zone, as it locates under the shadow of the giant trees of the periphery.

After spotting the sights of the beautiful cubs by the hotel staff, they immediately informed the forest department about taking them away from the reach of humans. Numerous cameras were installed to seize the beautiful moment of the cubs out there, their activities, and trace their mother.

But they couldn’t find any evidence of their mother’s existence within that periphery, maybe she didn’t know where they were, or she was finding them in the Ranthambore National Park forest. The pawprints of their mother were located a few kilometers away from the hotel. It was predicted that both cubs lost their way to the jungle and came to hide in the hotel. Both of them were in the playful mind, brave enough to share space with the humans.

The domination of female panthers in the hotel premises is not new; the hotel staffs are also familiar with these kinds of events that have occurred before also. A few days back, Ranthambore tigress gave birth to two cubs in a hotel premise situated in the Ranthambore national park. Many felines are residing in the forest, which can be explored by Ranthambore safari. For that, you have to obtain tickets for Ranthambore Safari Booking from the outside gateways to the park.

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