A Langur Hit By The Devotees On A Bike At Ranthambore National Park

A Langur Hit By The Devotees On A Bike At Ranthambore National Park

Rajasthan is all about the unending stretches of sand, but if you are wondering about venturing into the forest of Rajasthan, you will come across the name Ranthambore National Park. The park engulfs many incidents of sorrows, happiness, and thrill, revealing to the visitors, who come here to see the glimpses of the royal felines of the planet.

Accident Occurred on the Roads beyond the Jungle Territory

Recently, an accident occurred on the Ranthambore National Park roads, which became massively viral on the web. It happened on the streets of Trinetra temple of Ranthambore when a leopard collided with a bike accompanying three persons. The incident occurred a day before Holi Festival, as was captured by a photographer, who came to seize some particular poses of the wild beasts in the Ranthambore Jungle.

A Mumbai Based traveler with two other people was coming from Ganesh temple on a bike. Suddenly they saw a leopard jump to cross the road. The motorcycle driver got scared of the event, expecting that the langur would jump on them. He failed to manage his balance over the bike and hit the leopard. They all fell upon the leopard, but the leopard got frightened because of the incident and disappeared into the jungle immediately, saving his life. The three of them were injured but got scared of the event.

Highlighting a Few Dreadful Incidents Occurred with the Wild Beasts Quite Regularly

Such incidents often come to hear of animals and humans facing the worst situations on the jungle roads. Many people have lost their lives due to tiger attacks in this region. The government authorities should take some initiative on the independence movements of the animals in the jungle territory.

They should regulate human activities in those areas and explore new routes outside the jungle to venture the other attractive sightseeing in the Ranthambore National Park. The wild beasts get scared of humans’ movements in their territory and love their freedom in the dedicated zones.

Safaris in the Park

Visitors who like to explore the jungle’s inner core can opt for a Jungle trial in the five zones of the Park. They will receive immense excitement and pleasure on venturing the jungle on an open Gypsy. The forest guides aid the passenger in tracing the beasts in the wilderness. To board on the safaris, opt for Ranthambore Safari Booking for a hassle-free adventure in the jungle.

The safaris are entirely safe for adults and children, fond of seeing lions, tigers, hyena, jackal, deer, elephants, and omnipotent birdlife. To avoid the massive crowd in the jungle, the forest department distributes the crowd equally in the jungle’s different zones.

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