Tigress Riddhi’s cubs jolly nature is gaining love over the Internet

Tigress Riddhi's cubs jolly nature is gaining love over the Internet

Recently Ranthambore National Park has shared a funny video of Tigress Riddhi’s cubs. In that video, Tigress Riddhi’s cubs can be seen playing under her watchful eye in Ranthambore National Park. This video has gained a lot of attention on the internet and Wildlife Enthusiasts like it a lot. 

The video has captured the relationship between Tigress Riddhi’s cubs. They can be seen playing with each other while Riddhi is watching them. In this video, the fun-loving side of tigers can be clearly seen and it also shows that they are not always scary. This video proves that even animals like to spend a good time with family and they have their own way of having fun. The video shows the jolly nature of tigers and people like it a lot. 

Ranthambore Park authorities shared the short clip on 25 April and till now it has gained over 8k views. When sharing the short video, the authorities wrote  “Tigress Riddhi’s cubs bring joy to Ranthambore. Video courtesy Vishnu Singh Rathore.” In the clip, the cubs can be seen full of energy and excitement. As the clip forwards, Tigress Riddhi can also be seen playing with one of her cubs. She can be seen gently fondling it as it lounges on the ground.
People liked this video a lot and people are saying that the bond between Tigress Riddhi and her cubs is too cute to see. The authorities of Ranthambore Park often post videos to make people aware of what’s happening there. These videos also help to promote tourism in Ranthambore National Park. If you are also excited to see these kinds of sightings in Ranthambore then you should definitely make Ranthambore Safari Booking

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