Reckon Chamatkar Temple In Your Visit To Ranthambore National Park

Chamatkar Temple

The unending stretches of sand of Rajasthan reveal many mysteries when you come to explore the small villages of Rajasthan, their inhabitants, and their beliefs. There is a small district called Sawwaii Madhopur, which is recognized as the place of tigers- where Ranthambore National Park. is situated. 

Villagers of Sawai Madhopur district have a significant attraction for one of the temples named Chamatkar Temple. The temple is called Chamatkar, which means miracles; the reason behind this name is that there is a fascinating miracle link to the foundation of this temple. There’s a little story behind its establishment.

How the Temple came into existence?

One day a farmer dug up a particular place in the field as directed by God himself in his dream; he found God’s idol. The idol was then given in the hands of Jain Digambaras. They also revealed that the same farmer then placed the idol on a chariot, where the horse will stop; the place will be the perfect site to build a temple from the Idol. Since then, the idol has been worshipped at the temple in the Sawai Madhopur region.

The Main Attraction of the Temple

As the temple is dedicated to Jain, Jain’s massive crowd remains in this temple every year. Lord Adrinath resides in this temple, and the main attraction is the Tirthankar Temples. It is also believed that every wish of the heartful devotees is always fulfilled by the Gods residing in this temple.

Accommodation Facilities near the Temple

Visitors who come to experience this temple’s vivid culture and firm beliefs can stay in hotels in the Sawai Madhopur region, very close to Ranthambore National Park. There are several transport facilities for travelers. These hotels also reflect that visitors from all classes can comfortably stay in these hotels without skipping their budget limits.

How to reach Ranthambore

Plan a trip in such a way that you can cover the most important surrounding the Ranthambore national park in your customized trip itinerary. You can reach Ranthambore by air, rail, or road. The place is ideal for the most majestic Royal Bengal tigers, followed by other animals like- Indian Jackal Hyena, Rhinoceros, elephants, reptiles, deer, birds, and many more. Visiting this park will surely be a fantastic experience for wildlife freaks and nature lovers.

Best Time to explore Ranthambore

It surprises the tourists throughout the year with the rat species and the stories revolving around their survival. But, consider winter to be the best time to visit the park, as this time is suitable for the animals to show their best moves to the travelers, many tigers and animals give birth to their little ones. You can opt for a jungle safari, but for that, you have to obtain tickets for Ranthambore Safari Booking from the outside counter. Throughout the year, come and explore the park to take away the best moments with the wild beasts in this park.

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