Things To Do Before Traveling To Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore Tips

Are you carrying the tickets in your hands and thinking of the essential objects that need to be packed while in a wildlife sanctuary? Tourists from various parts of the globe come to visit the park, and once they arrive at the desired spot, there is no chance to return home at that moment to bring the required object that you have missed to pack. Yes, this is a significant problem that we come across when we are on holiday.

To combat all these problems, let’s find out some essential tips before traveling to your most loved place- Ranthambore National Park.


When you share the same territory with the gigantic animals of your planet, it is necessary to take care of your clothing. Wearing sober or eco-friendly dyes clothes, as bright or shiny colors, may frighten the wild beasts as they are not accustomed to these colors. Also, to make yourself comfortable on sunny days, light-colored clothes will make you feel the same. So, wear shorts, khadi kurtas, and pajamas to resist the heat in summer. You can wear pajamas, kurtas, or warm jackets, gloves, and warm clothes in winter.

Community Facility

Communications infrastructure in Ranthambore never disappoints its tourists. Communication facilities, including wifi, internet access, video conference, are all available in the hotels in Ranthambore National Park.Still, there are phone booths available with an overseas dialing facility in the town area for keeping backup facilities in mind, which may be around a 10-15 minutes drive from wherever you stay. 

Essential Equipment 

Always carry the essential equipment in your side bag when you go for outings in the Ranthambore park. Bring sunscreen lotion, dark sunglasses, hat or sunshades in summer, carry water bottles, medicines, pens, and notebooks for animals checklist. If you have binoculars, don’t forget to bring them on your trip, it will be helpful while observing flora and fauna. Include the expenses in your budget for buying reels for your camera, as the panoramic vision of the wild beasts will cost you more for your digital devices.

Rules for Photography and its Types of Equipment

Clicking the pictures of the wild beats from your still camera in the park is entirely free of cost. There are charges made for bringing Vcam, Peam, or other professional photographic instruments in the park.

Finalizing Jungle Safari Timings

Firstly, if you are eager to see the tigers or other animals on a gypsy, you must obtain tickets for the Ranthambhore Safari Booking from outside the entry gate. The timings of the Jungle safari timings have been set on the time of the sunrise and sunset. Generally speaking, there is a rule made by the forest department that determines the timings of the park as it is open to the tourists half an hour after sunrise and will close half an hour before sunset. These are subject to change without prior notice.

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