Tigress T-114 Became A Mother For The First Time In Ranthambore

Tigress T-114 Became A Mother For The First Time In Ranthambore

Wildlife sanctuaries are created to make the animals’ environment dwell freely, from any disturbance from the Humans activity. This empowers to protect and conserve the felines, to make their existence reckoned for the wildlife enthusiasts across the globe. Keeping this goal in mind, India’s forest department and the state government have built the most renowned Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan.

People who visit the vast desert of Rajasthan also plan to visit the Ranthambore National Park once in their lifetime. The park accommodates the world’s most dangerous mammal- the Royal Bengal Tiger, followed by other rarest species of the world.

T-114 Gave Birth to Two Cubs in Ranthambore

Recently a loving incident happened in the park, which filled with joy and happiness; Tiger T- 114 became the first time mother by giving birth to two cubs. Many wildlife lovers went to see the first sight of the cubs with their mother. She is the daughter of the tigress T-13. The forest department assured the tourists that the mother’s health was fine and that her babies were also looking fine. The cubs were three months old now when they were spotted in the forest of Ranthambore National Park.

Tigress T-114 was four years old when she became a first-time mother. She is very calm and shy. Tourists usually spotted her in the Todra forest area of the Phalodi range. She never used to frighten the tourists whom she often witnessed happen, gypsies, every year.

The Tourist Captured the Moment on their Camera

Trekkers have eventually got the trace of the cubs in the forest, followed by other tourists who could seize the sighs of the cubs on their cameras when they went for jungle trial on safaris. Before venturing the woods on an open gypsy, obtain tickets through Ranthambore Safari Booking from the forest department. 

Capturing the most beautiful pictures of the wildlife beats is not an easy task. Photographers have to wait for hours to get an extraordinary pose tiger in the Ranthambore National Park. Due to the heavy loads of tourists during the peak hours in the forest of Ranthambore, the wild beasts hide in the inner core of the forest as they scare from humans’ existence on our planet.

In the Wrap

This expansion in the tigers’ families leads to the wild tiger population in the Ranthambore National Park. There are 23 male tigers, 29 female tigers, and 18 cubs residing in the forest of Ranthambore National Park. It is noteworthy that their existence is essential to witness our existence on planet Earth. Without them, we couldn’t survive and make a stable ecosystem. So, without delay, visit the most enthralling jungle of India, in the lap of nature.

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