Ideal Time for Spotting the Wildlife of Ranthambore

wildlife of Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is a wild place that is located in Rajasthan, India. The star attraction of this park is its Royal Bengal Tigers and most of the people come here to see them. This park is not like the zoo, it’s a sanctuary so tigers and other animals roam here freely in their natural habitat. It’s a dream for many photographers and wildlife enthusiasts to get a glimpse of these wild creatures. To get a clear image or sight of this big cat, people should know about the ideal time for spotting the wildlife of Ranthambore National Park. So here in this blog, we are going to tell you the best time for Ranthambore Safari Booking

An introduction to Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is a famous tourist place that covers a huge area of over 1,334 square kilometers. With so much area, it is one of the largest national parks of India. It’s not just a forest with a beautiful landscape, it’s a jungle with wildlife living in it. The wildlife of Ranthambore attracts visitors from every part of the world and they especially come here to see the Royal Bengal Tigers. Doing a safari in this huge park is a dream for many people but they don’t know when they should visit the park so let’s know about it. 

Ideal Time for Sightings 

Everyone knows that there is no guarantee of tiger sightings in any wildlife sanctuary but some factors can increase your chances of sightings. One of the most important factors of sightings is which time of the year you’re coming for the safari.  

  • If you come to Ranthambore during winter then you can see many migratory birds in this park and also the scenery looks very nice just after the monsoons. The winter season in Ranthambore is from October to March and during this time the weather remains quite nice for going on a 3-hour-long safari. You just have to take care of bringing some warm clothes with you for going on a safari. 
  • If you come to Ranthambore during summer then you can see the wildlife of Ranthambore near water sources. This time is good for sighting tigers and other animals as they can be seen cooling off and drinking water near water sources. However, it’s not a good time to visit for those people who cannot bear the heat. Don’t forget to bring water bottles, sunscreens, scarves, and other essentials if you’re coming in the summer. 
  • If you come to Ranthambore during winter then you can do a safari in the buffer areas of the park. Safaris are allowed from zone 5 to zone 10 during this time and the forest looks very amazing during this time. With water droplets on its fur, tigers look mesmerizing. This can be the best time for photographers to visit the park.  

In Conclusion

So, the ideal time for spotting the wildlife of Ranthambore is from December to March, during this time the weather remains dry and a lot of animals can be seen near water bodies. The weather also remains pleasant and you can spot migratory birds. There is a little amount of heat in March so animals can be seen cooling off near the water bodies of Ranthambore. 

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