Changes in Online booking of Ranthambore National Park

Changes in online booking of Ranthambore National Park

On hearing the name of Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park, a desire to visit here often arises in the heart, but there is a big change regarding online ticket booking. 

Ranthambore National Park is a famous tourist place located in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan and everyone likes to visit there to enjoy jeep and canter safari rides. Many people book safaris online and around 2 thousand people visit there in one day. People are advised to book online safaris so that there will be no problem at the time of arrival. If you’re planning to do Ranthambore Safari Booking then take care of the below-mentioned points as some changes have been made to the online booking of Ranthambore National Park.

The new system has been implemented by making changes in the booking system through the Department of Information and Technology (DOIT). Actually, in this regard, the initiative for change has been taken by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Forest Department, Aparna Arora. These changes have been made from 1 May 2024, Wednesday. Let’s know what changes are we going to see when booking a safari ride for Ranthambore National Park 

1. Previously bookings were allowed all around the year and guests were able to book their safaris even one year before the safari date. But now, changes have been made for safari booking. Now people can only book their safaris three months before their arrival. For example – if you’re going for a safari in November then you can book it only 3 months before. Previously it was like if you’re going for a safari in November then you can book it in March or April or any time. Previously the booking windows were open all around the year but now the safaris can only get booked 3 months before the actual date of the safari. 

2. The waiting list system was started previously by the Forest Department on the lines of Railways, but now that will also be discontinued. The waiting list vehicle will be added to the current online booking so that booking can be more transparent, preparations are being made by the department. 

3. For the convenience of the tourists, an online feedback form is also going to start in Ranthambore so that tourists can give their feedback online. Based on the feedback, improvements in the online booking system will be made in the future. 

4. The department is also considering starting full-day and half-day safari for tourists in Ranthambore like before. Like before, five vehicles are proposed for this. Also, it is being considered to double the rates of full-day and half-day safari vehicles from the existing rates.

5. The tourist’s photo will also be there on the ticket so that the officials will be able to recognize the tourists. This change was made because there was a complaint that some hotels and private operators indulge in fraud in booking. 
6. They are making a mobile app for booking the safaris of Ranthambore National Park. After the application is ready, web check-in and other facilities will also start. In the next few weeks, some more innovations will be done with the help of DOIT.

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