Check Out The Great Indian Tiger Inside This Modest Building – The Ranthambore School of Art

Great Indian Tiger Inside This Modest Building

Are you done with your Ranthambore Safari Booking? How about seeing some Indian Tigers amidst the busy roads of Ranthambore to Sawai Madhopur? Yes, undoubtedly it sounds crazy, but the story is fascinating. Read on to find out.

Lucky visitors are sure to get a glimpse of the great Indian tigers inside the Ranthambore National Park. However, there’s no need to return with a heavy heart if you cannot catch sight of the wild beast amidst the wilderness of the national park. You can now get a view of the magnificent beast and its verdant surroundings once you step inside a modest building through your journey from Ranthambore to Sawai Madhopur. Read out the signage- it says, Art Gallery and Exhibition, The Ranthambore School of Art.

What Lies Inside?

Once you enter the building premises, you will find yourself amidst tigers, but this time in oil, charcoals, and watercolor. You can feel their presence and see their amber eyes boring into you. Some are hiding beside tall grasses, stalking at their prey and muscles swelling. Some are found relaxing in a waterhole with their cubs playing around. You can see the beasts come to life here. The Ranthambore School of Art aims at promoting Wildlife Conservation through Art, and it is a must-watch on your visit to the Ranthambore National Park. Their unique initiative is producing art nationally and internationally honored concerning the range and quality of the paintings.

The School of Art was an initiative by the local artists of 1992. At present, it has a small gallery-cum-shop for you to buy any form of wildlife painting. Just beside this room, you can find an informal studio ever seen. Here artists work to create masterpieces with classic Hindi songs playing in the background. You may take pictures of the artists’ paintings. They will greet you with a smile and exchange pleasantries.

Know the Artists

The artists are local people from the villages of Rajasthan, and they are driven by their love for art and a deep love for nature. Above all, a wish to make society a healthy place to live in. It was among the artists that the school got its supervisor – Narayan Singh Naruka. His art is loved nationally and internationally. Some artists like Rajesh Saini are completely untrained; nevertheless, he draws his tiger ‘hair by hair’ by applying fine brush strokes.

Last But Not Least

The principal purpose of establishing the Ranthambore School of Art was to increase awareness about Project tiger. It also aimed to inform visitors and the local children to ensure that the tigers survive in their natural habitat in the future. The school organizes workshops, classes, and competitions for students hailing from the neighboring villages and towns.

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